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We seem to be inundated with more and more information every day. The following is some information that could lighten your daily chores a bit.

Tips for handling e-mail

  • Check e-mail headers - look at the subject matter often listed in the title; that should help you decide whether you want to even open the message. Many mail handling programs display the length of the messages; if it is an extremely long message, you may decide you do not even want to waste your time reading a huge document.

  • Dispose of e-mail immediately - newer programs allow you to set up different folders or mailboxes, for example, a mailbox for suggestions on using Windows. Many of the newer mail handling programs have filters which permit you to filter mail into the appropriate mailboxes, based on the subject matter, who the message is from, and some other factors. Tell your family to use a certain code in the subject heading and that mail can go into the family box.

  • Limit access to your e-mail address - do not freely give out your e-mail address; while this does not guarantee "junk" mail it will reduce it somewhat.

  • Use only one mailbox - many of us have different mailboxes, personal ones as well as business accounts. Newer mail handling programs allow you to check all of your mailboxes at once; this is particularly handy if you only give out one of your mailbox addresses.

  • Write brief responses - do not spend a lot of time composing lengthy messages; your frequent correspondents will soon adapt to your style.

  • Prevent needless responses - let your correspondents know when they do not need to respond to save additional mail to you.

  • Stop spams - (or junk mail) by checking the bottom of the sales path for an autoresponder address and sent them a message with "remove" in the subject header box. While this does not work with everyone, it does work with some.

  • Tips for Handling Voice Mail


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    H. Jurgen Combs