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20 tips for home safety - from the site, "In addition to safeguarding your home with a home security system, following these simple home safety tips that help protect against threats like burglary, intrusion and fire can give you and your family an added sense of protection. Plus, when you equip your residence with a home security system, you’re adding value to your home by protecting your investments – and your family. Get peace of mind knowing your loved ones and valuables are safe with comprehensive home security coverage and easy-to-follow home safety tips from ADT home security."

16 Easy ways to raise a bilingual child

10 ways parents can help children adjust to high school ' from the website, "The adjustment from middle school to high school can be a huge challenge for some students. We’ll offer tips for parents to help them help their kids adjust to the new school environment and academic standards."

Adopting a baby - how much does it cost? from the site, "Each year in the U.S., an estimated 120,000 children are welcomed into families through adoption. If adopting a baby is something you’d like to consider, the obvious question is: Just how much does it cost? The expenses range from next to nothing on up to $40,000, depending on the type of adoption you’re seeking."

Baby  Proof your home - "Baby-proofing your home not only gives you peace of mind, it also makes sure your future child isn't able to get into dangerous items around the home. There are many ways to remodel and baby-proof to keep children of all ages safe."

Boosting Iron in your Child's Diet - a blog which states "As the mother of a meat-rejecting, fruitarian-aspiring toddler, I'll confess that I worry my son isn't getting enough iron. Each time he asks to chew on ice, the neurotic Jewish mother in me takes over, and I convince myself he has pica—an unusual expression of iron deficiency that results in people craving non-food items like dirt, clay, and ice. In these moments of panic, I promptly offer him a cup of dry Cheerios and talk myself down from the cliff."

Children's Guide to Proper Bathroom Etiquette - "Being open about the rules of the restroom isn’t something to worry about. We should be OK with talking about what’s expected in restrooms – everyone uses them, after all! Every time you go into a bathroom alone just remember two things: be safe and be respectful!"

Choosing a pre-school - simple tips for parents - from the website, "Parents across the country, you can relax. Contrary to what you might have heard, choosing the right preschool for your child is not as difficult as applying for an advanced degree. The key to choosing the right preschool is going into the process prepared."

Developmental Milestones for your child -

Earthquake proof your home - from the website, " Although most earthquakes cause little or no damage and do not result in fatalities, you never know when the next big one will strike, and it is in the best interest of all California homeowners to be as prepared as possible for this potential disaster."

Keeping Kids' Teeth Healthy - "The number of children with cavities is on the rise.  Tooth decay now affects more than one-fourth of American children aged 2-5, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. "

Family Com
Family Education Network - Family Education Network provides parents with resources to help them actively participate in the learning process. The site includes articles about child development, learning disabilities, national education trends, local community news, and more.

Finger licking recipes - "Put a stop to the dinner-time dramas with this selection of irresistible toddler nosh. You’ll never hear the words ‘yuk’ and ‘I don’t like that’ ever again. Mealtimes can be a total nightmare if your toddler is a fussy eater. Add these dishes to your cooking repertoire and watch them lick their plates clean."

Fire Prevention and Safety for Children - "When it comes to fire prevention for kids, a lot of the responsibility falls on parents and teachers to set the example. Parents need to make sure the home is protected against any fires being started by children accidentally."

Fire and Safety Prevention Checklist -from their website, " Having an adequate and inter-connected fire safety management plan in place can literally save the lives of your family members and protect your investment, while preventing or minimizing bodily injuries and property damage in the event of a fire arising within the perimeter of your home."

Foods that help you sleep - If you've ever struggled through a night, tossing and turning while you try to find sleep, then you can imagine how frustrating it is to deal with sleeplessness on a regular basis. Sleep is so vital to our health, but unfortunately, many of us don't get the amount of rest that our bodies need."

25 Fun and Healthy Snacks for Kids - "Who says getting healthy after the holidays is only for adults? I find it really easy to just give my kids whatever is quick and easy and whatever they will actually eat. This doesn’t always result in the healthiest meals and I worry about how much nutrition they are actually getting. I decided to make it my mission to find fun, healthy snacks that I know my kids will eat but that will also be fast! I was pleasantly surprised at just how many cute ideas there are out there. Some of these can even be made ahead of time so you can grab them and….GO! Let’s face it, with all the energizer bunnies you are trying to raise, everything needs to be quick and easy right? Anyhoo, I hope you enjoy all of these cute snacks for kids!"

Gardening at Home with Kids"If you like digging in the dirt, you might enjoy gardening, too. Growing a garden with your kids will help you learn about plants. You might grow flowers or vegetables in your yard or inside your home in containers. As you work to take care of your plants, you will need to make sure they get water and sun to grow."

Getting your family prepared for disaster - from the website, "It is important to warn children, without overly alarming them, about disasters. Tell children that a disaster is something that could hurt people or cause damage. Explain that nature sometimes provides “too much of a good thing” – fire, rain, or wind."

Grants for Single Mothers - offers a list of resources that can assist single mothers - you can search by state or by the type of assistance needed.

Guide for first time parents - "These tips can help even the most nervous first-time parents feel confident about caring for a newborn in no time."

Guide to Home Safety - "Homeowners everywhere, and of every age, need to be careful when at home, because when our guard is mostly likely to be down, hundreds of thousands of us will be injured while in the home."

Healthy Children - ages and Stages -

Home and Fire Safety Learn about the steps you can take to keep your family safe in the event of a fire, because when it comes to home fires, preparation can mean the difference in life and death.

How much is it = from the site, "Founded in late 2010, HowMuchIsIt was designed to help the ordinary consumer find out what the costs of things are in life. When we built this website, we realized that there wasn’t a go-to source when it came to knowing the costs of things. While there are answers scattered across the Internet, we felt that it was necessary to add it all into one place that was accurate and straight to the point. As of 2014, we’re proud to boast more than 4,000 cost helping guides that are unique, interesting and informative."

How to disinfect toys - from the website, "Babies and young kids put their toys in their mouths all the time and can often pick up germs and illnesses from dirty items, especially during cold and flu season. Reduce your child's chance of getting sick by keeping her belongings clean and sanitized. Here are some tips to help you out:"

How to prepare for a winter storm - from the website, "You can never be too prepared for winter storms. When the forecast calls for accumulating snow and ice, take action to protect your home and family. Don’t hesitate to stock up on crucial supplies, and avoid the roads once the storm hits."

Hurricane safety checklist - from the website, "The most important thing you can do as hurricane season approaches is to get yourself, your family and your home prepared. By starting early, you’ll avoid the rush at home supply stores, grocery stores and other venues typically crowded and often chaotic when hurricane watches and warnings are issued. You should stock six basics for your home: water, food, first aid supplies, clothing and bedding, tools and emergency supplies, and special items. Keep the items you would most likely need during an evacuation in an easy-to carry container—suggested items are marked with an asterisk (*). Possible containers include a large, covered trash container, a camping backpack, or a duffle bag."

Increasing Parental Involvement - This site focuses on the need to increase parental involvement.
Keeping Kids' Teeth Healthy - "The number of children with cavities is on the rise.  Tooth decay now affects more than one-fourth of American children aged 2-5, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. "
National Youth Violence Prevention Resource Center - The National Youth Violence Prevention Center organizes current statistics, publications, and research on violence committed by and against children and teens. Find the latest information and programs from all the US Agencies that deal with the issue of violence and minors, including the Department of Health and Human Services, the Department of Education, and the Department of Justice
Organize and manage your finances before and after a natural disaster - from the site, "You can never be 100% sure of just when a natural disaster will strike, nor can you predict the damage (and the cost). The best anyone can do is be prepared with a list of precautions and contingencies for before, during, and after the disaster. Managing your finances is especially important, as is coming up with a plan of action. Don’t worry, we can help you get started."
Parent Center at Smarter Kids - offers information for parents; there is even a section where parents can submit questions.  The site also provides links to other sites.
Parent Information - a new web page that has been set up as part of this system which provides various links which are of interest to parents.
Parent Information and Resource Center - 28 centers in states have been funded by the Goals 2000 grant to expand opportunities for parents to be involved in their youngster's learning and education.
Parent Involvement: Literature Review and Database of Promising Practices. According to the authors of the site, "In late 1995 a team from the North Central Regional Educational Laboratory (NCREL) embarked on a search for information about successful parent involvement programs. There were to be two objectives to our search. The first, to create a literature review of research in parent involvement strategies, and the second was to identify promising programs which were utilizing those strategies. Our goal was to complete a literature review which would identify those strategies that seemed to be the most helpful in improving parent involvement. We hoped that we could assist schools with limited time and limited resources, by encouraging their investment in the strategies which would yield the greatest improvement.

Pediatrician Locator by State

A Place for Families and The Community
Preparing your child for college this site has some useful information for parents starting to plan for their child's college education.

Storm spotting for children - from the website, "In 2017, the United States saw three devastating hurricanes rock the shores of states along the Gulf Coast and territories in the Caribbean. Hurricane season isn’t the country’s only severe weather occurrence. From tornados to blizzards, every season comes with its own forceful storm systems. For some people, tracking these storms can be an electrifying hobby. From watching weather patterns develop hundreds of miles in the ocean to predicting how these patterns could impact weather closer to home, this hobby is often much more than a pastime. Even the National Weather Service relies on the eyes, ears, and expertise of amateur storm spotters to help them identify, track and, most importantly, warn communities about potential severe weather. The best part is that as long as there is an interest, weather spotters can be trained at any age."

Ten Processed Foods never to feed your Kids - "It may be easy to reach for one of these foods when your child is hungry, but have you ever really thought about what’s inside those processed convenience foods targeted at kids? Flip those colorful cartooned packages over and you’ll find almost as many artificial colors lurking in the ingredients. That list of ingredients is a long and confusing jumble of chemicals and carcinogens, like what you’ll find in these 10 cancer causing foods. Let’s take a closer look at what effects these foods are having on your child’s health, along with alternative choices you can make to safeguard their future."

Public Broadcasting System - great link for preschoolers; also great link for parents and teachers who would like to follow through on special programming, lots of  educational information, as well as a teacher resource link.

Safe Kids - In this section, you’ll learn about all the things you can do to help ensure that your kids get the freedom that comes from being active, healthy and safe at home.

Safety tips for secondhand furniture and toys - from the website, "Sometimes sticker shock can be deafening, especially when the price for that couch you want or that baby’s crib you love creeps into the hundreds — or even thousands. That’s why so many people turn to antique shops, secondhand stores and even Craigslist to find better prices on gently-loved big ticket items. However, before you get excited about your new bargain buy, there are some safety questions to ask when purchasing secondhand furniture and toys."

Scholarship - Zip Recruiter - from the site, "ZipRecruiter is offering a $3,000 scholarship to the winning college or university student with the most creative entry in our Winter/Spring 2018 Scholarship Promotion. The Grand Prize Winner each semester will receive the $3,000 scholarship."

Science behind creating culinary masterpieces with children - "t's no secret that the home-cooked meal — especially those cooked by parents and their children — is becoming a thing of the past. Last year, less than 60% of dinners were cooked at home. In the face of work and school trips and homecoming games, many parents favor the convenience of carry-out and delivery over cooking at home, especially when it comes to big families. But what if we told you there were a way to cook with your kids and get invaluable benefits for your entire family?"

7 Seven ways to help a picky eater with autism - "If you have a picky eater with autism, know that you’re not alone. A recent review of scientific studies found that children with autism are five times more likely to have mealtime challenges such as extremely narrow food selections, ritualistic eating behaviors (e.g. no foods can touch) and meal-related tantrums."

Simple Home Improvement Tips -  from the site, "Everyone wants a healthy, solid and safe home, and buyers will carefully look for signs of routine upkeep. Here we list 65 of the most unbelievably simple home improvement tips that will keep your house in tiptop shape.Read on to find out how to add the most value to your home with little effort."

Talking with Kids about Tough Issues - is a national initiative by Children Now and the Kaiser Family Foundation to encourage parents to talk with their children earlier and more often about tough issues like sex, HIV/AIDS, violence, alcohol, and drug abuse.
Tufts University Child and Family WebGuide  - The Child & Family WebGuide describes and evaluates web sites that contain research-based information about child development. These web sites have been selected from thousands of sites about children, based primarily on the quality of the information provided. The goal of the WebGuide is to give the public easy access to the best child development information on the Web.


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