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Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)

Canadian news resources

Chicago Tribune offers the latest news from the paper

CNN Interactive sponsored by CNN, it provides up-to-date information on the news as well as links to other interesting sites.

Commercial News Services on the World Wide Web


Corporation for Public Broadcasting the site states, WELCOME TO CPB's home on the World Wide Web. There's no tread left on those "information superhighway" metaphors, so instead of a cloverleaf intersection, let's just think of this place as a rendezvous for public radio and public television. We hope it will be a place where you can meet friends and colleagues old and new, catch up on - or add to - the public broadcasting industry buzz, and dream up great new ways to make learning an opportunity for every American throughout his or her life.

Ecola's 24-hour Newsstand Get Links EZ, Find Web sites of over 3,900 paper-printed publications. Browse newspapers, magazines and computer publications

Ed Tech Journal a web site containing information about technology as well as many useful links.

Education Week -Weekly Educational Newspaper

London Daily Telegraph - the electronic version of the London paper; a good resource which presents the news from a different perspective.

Media and Methods The Prime Resource Magazine for K-12 Educators Involved With Instructional Technologies

News and Information Service


News - guides for teachers for using newspapers to enhance current events curriculum, and tools for evaluating news articles.

New York Times for Kids - newspaper articles summarized daily for kids, along with quizzes, crossword puzzles, Word of the Day, and links to other educational resources.

On Line Journalism Review -  The Online Journalism Review is a Web-based journal produced at the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Southern California. 

Opinion Journal -  The Wall Street Journal Editorial page is now available free on the Web. The opinion pieces found in the WSJ cover a variety of topics such as finance, politics, and business around the world.

Palo Alto Weekly

Sydney (Australia) Morning Herald

Time Warner Publications

Voice of America


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