H. Jurgen Combs

If you are having some difficulty in locating something on this web page, or you simply wish to do a search, there is another way to do this using your web browser (Netscape or Microsoft Explorer). Unfortunately, my web service provider does not yet offer FrontPage extensions, which would allow the search to be a little easier and thus this more antiquated method has to be used.)

Actually, the process is quite simple:

  • click on EDIT-FIND and you will see a screen similar to the following:

  • Notice that there is a box labeled FIND WHAT; in that box, write the word(s) of something for which you are looking, such as: middle school, NASA, principal, etc.
  • Usually it is best to search the document from TOP (beginning of the document) to the end.
  • If you are at the top of the page, you will want to make sure that the DOWN bullet is highlighted since the program will search from the top to the bottom; if you are at the bottom (end) of the page, click on up. In most cases, you will want to leave the box in front of MATCH CASE unchecked.