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General College Resources
College 4 U
Mapping Your Future
College Search Form
CollegeNET Home Page
Historically Black Colleges and Universites
Peterson's College Guide - Online
Degree Jungle - According to the site, " will help you find an online university or program that best fits your needs. Find top online colleges with our comprehensive ranking system. Keep up with trending topics in online education on our blog. Get updated information on more than 50 accredited universities and more than 600 online degrees on our site. Take control of your future when you pick the perfect degree program for you."

Financial Aid Resources

fastWEB! (Financial Aid Search Through the Web)
TX Guaranteed Student Loan Corp.
FinAid: The Financial Aid Information Page
Sallie Mae
Federal Student Aid
Peterson's Education Center: Financing Education

Smart Scholar - A comprehensive list of informational websites that give you the most in-depth information on taking and repaying student loans to help finance your college education



Stay In School


College Board homepage
The Princeton Review

High School Survival Kit

School Psychology Resources Online
SAVE Home Page- Suicide Awareness
Adolescence Directory Online/Mental Health


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