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Dr. H. Jurgen Combs
Ask Jeeves - Users enter questions (already a better pedagogical start than choosing keywords) to which Jeeves responds with an array of related queries. Each question links to a Web site that can hold the answer. In addition, a meta search of popular search engines offers up their potential hits. An immediate application is to use Ask Jeeves to quickly find a hotlist of good sites while you build a Web-based activity using Filamentality (sorry about the plug, but it's a match made in heaven). Also, Ask Jeeves for Kids will end your search for the perfect engine to use in the classroom.
Homework Helper - B.J. Pinchbeck's Homework Helper "If you can't find it here, then you just can't find it More than 230,000 visitors have dropped in...love your support My name is B.J. (Bruce, Jr.) but my friends call me Beege. I am 10 years old and live in New Brighton, Pennsylvania. My dad and I use the Internet to help us with homework and to research information on the Net. We have found more than 370 terrific sites on the internet that can help you find any information that you need. Hope you enjoy our homepage.
Homework Help - Managed by the Minneapolis Star Tribune, this site provides online help from teacher volunteers and volunteer experts who can answer questions about English, math, science, social studies and languages.
Information please - this site contains several searchable almanacs, including one that is appropriate for students.

SAT Test Preparation - The author writes, "Welcome to the SAT Preparation Site !It has been my goal to create a vocabulary oriented site that would help high school students prepare for the vocabulary section of the new SAT exam. The site is also useful for anyone that would like to improve their English vocabulary."  He also offers links to several of his sites dealing with vocabulary development.

Schoolwork - is appropriate for middle and high school students and older; students unable to find the information, may e-mail a librarian.  The site offers links on a variety of topics.


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last updated on 15 January 2016
H. Jurgen Combs