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Accredited online schools and colleges - Online education used to be reserved for students enrolled at for-profit colleges and universities. Yet today, hundreds of schools with full accreditation make quality online learning a reality for millions. Whether in kindergarten, middle school or looking to move up with a master’s, see how accredited online schools can make a difference.

College Affordability Guide - "OUR MISSION: to provide clear, correct info and advice on the many options students have to reduce the cost of their degree, and to offer a fresh analysis of which colleges are doing the most to make high-quality education affordable. We analyzed 10,000,000+ data points from 5,000+ degree-granting colleges and universities across the US, looking for the most affordable colleges and degrees. Less than 10% of those schools made it into our rankings.

Affordable online Colleges Today - from the site, "Distance learning is here to stay. Initially on the fringes of formal education, online colleges, courses and degree programs have quickly become mainstream. Even traditional campus-based institutions have incorporated online learning into their curricula. In 2013, seven million college students — nearly 50 percent of all those enrolled — took at least one online class, with an estimated 20 percent earning an entire degree program remotely. "  There are a variety of links  to various resources on their site to find information about online schools, etc.

College Board homepage
CollegeBound.NET - with 11 departments and over 25 sub-departments, CB.NET provides high school students with valuable college admissions information including financial aid facts and in-depth college profiles.
College Degree Finder - Find the colleges and universities that offer specific types of degree or certificate programs.
College and University Home Pages - This site contains an alphabetical listing of university and colleges; all schools are currently arranged alphabetically. A geographical listing is available as well.
College Net - another site which allows you to do searches for colleges and universities on the Internet.
College Search Form

ollege Student Study Skills - from the website, "Knowing how to study allows students to set a strong foundation for academic success. Instead of feeling forced into cramming for a test, the highest achieving students begin the study process long before classes begin–creating schedules, gathering tools, and developing study strategies. This comprehensive guide explores the best methods for taking notes and preparing for exams and provides concrete strategies for dealing with test anxiety. By accessing the valuable resources contained in this guide, students can take control of their study skills and keep their stress levels in check."

CollegeView According to the authors of this site, it provides A free online college search service with profiles of 3,500+ colleges & universities, virtual tours, electronic applications, financial aid info, career planning tools, and more. Find others with similar interests in Coffee Shop, and don't miss the games, featuring the Web WeaselSM and the hot new OR game. We've even got customized starting points to help you find what you're looking for quickly.
College 4 U
Conducting a Free Scholarship Search - For a full search, start here to set up a personalized profile that will match your specific skills, and abilities, and interests to fastWEB's database of over 180,000 scholarships. Just complete six simple steps to get immediate results on-line!

Debt Free College Degrees from the website, "Attending college is the dream of many, but the thought of graduating with a ton of debt can make any prospective college student think twice about a college degree. Fortunately, there are a number of financial resources available to make one’s college dream come true without the crushing debt. Keep reading to find out how."

Education Grants -  Find the money you need for your college degree; sometimes it seems like the hardest thing about college is finding the money to pay for it.  Education has brought several financial resources together all in one place.  The site offers information about grants, scholarships, financial aid, and student loans.
fastWEB! (Financial Aid Search Through the Web)
FinAid: The Financial Aid Information Page
Financing Education
General Financial Aid Information -
Historically Black Colleges and Universites
Mapping Your Future
On-Line Financial Aid Calculators - Sallie Mae's college planning calculators are now available in two forms. You can use them live, on the Internet -- or you can download our CollegeCalc software and use the calculators and key information from our site off-line. If you use our calculators in order, the results calculated from the data you enter in one calculator will automatically appear in the data entry field of the subsequent related calculators. For example, your total annual college expenses will prefill current annual cost of attendance to forecast future cost of attendance.

OnLine Degrees and Programs -  from the website, "As universities have launched a comprehensive selection of undergraduate and graduate programs, they have also concentrated on expanding their menu of online degree concentrations. In 2014, students had access to more than 36,000 unique degree programs online, ranging from associate degrees in nursing to doctoral degrees in education administration."

Peterson's College Guide - Online
Peterson's Education Center
The Princeton Review
Sallie Mae
SAVE Home Page- Suicide Awareness
Schools in the This site provides you with everything you need to know to find the career and college that are best for you.  Get detailed profiles on more than 300 featured undergraduate programs as well as distance learning programs and learning overseas.  A very comprehensive site.
School Psychology Resources Online
Searching Careers or Academic Programs - Career Search is a way to find out about jobs and careers. If you already know what you want to do, go ahead and browse the list of Career Categories. Select a career to learn what to expect from a job and what to do in school so that you can work toward the job you want. You'll find out about training and qualifications, what earnings to expect, and what the future holds for each occupation.
Secrets of the SAT - This report draws on the work of Nicholas Lemann and his five-year study of the SAT--The Big Test: The Secret History of the American Meritocacy. Lemann discusses the origins of the SAT, the idea of an American meritocracy (an idea that goes back to correspondence between Thomas Jefferson and John Adams), and how the SAT today has become a ticket into America's ruling class.
The Student Guide
Student Newspapers on Line - takes you to a link with information about all sorts of newspapers; there is a section dealing with college papers.

Ultimate Guide to College Admissions - from the website, "Applying to and gaining acceptance to college is an experience unlike any other for students and their families. The requirements for getting into college are numerous—from keeping grades up and writing entrance essays to taking standardized entrance exams and gathering recommendations, there are many steps to complete. Getting into a school that represents a student’s abilities and aspirations doesn’t have to feel like climbing a mountain, though. The following guide serves as an insider’s look at the entire process, offering a helpful timeline, tips on how to crush the college application, information for transfer and nontraditional students, and an interview with an expert in the field."


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